Adventure Park Brasov

The adventure park is an out-door sports activity, a great way to spend your free time with family and friends. There are 8 tracks of progressive difficulty and each participant receives safety equipment with 2 carabineers, so everything is free from danger. Also, you are guided by instructors all the time.

Each level of difficulty is symbolized by one color: 2 purple tracks for children under 8 years, with safety equipment that does not require carabineer manipulation, for a maximum protection. There are 2 yellow tracks for children who turned 8 already and for beginners. Here, the  height of the platforms is not exceeding 3 meters. The green track is an easy track, where you start getting used to the height of the games, but not exceeding 6 meters. The blue track is of medium difficulty, considered the most pleasant track: neither too easy, nor too difficult, just perfect for fun. The red and the black tracks, however, require force and technique. Here you encounter adrenaline at height, the highest peak reaching 20 meters on the black track.

Distance from Villa Radu: 6 km


Technical Details:
- 2.5 hectares of forest
- 80 trees
- 92 platforms
- 100 games
- 692m zip line
- 1000m rope
- 5400m cable 
- 49 400kg wood

  • Set in a private resort
  • Magnificent scenery & fresh mountain air
  • Large living room with dining area
  • Free satellite TV & Wi-Fi
  • Table tennis & games
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Outside dining place & barbecue grill
  • Huge terraces & balconies
Guest Comments
We had a wonderful stay with great hospitality. So relaxing, we loved it here, we will be back soon! — Alejandra Delgado, 18 May 2011
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